Queer Archives

In this senior seminar, students combine literary studies with skills in archival research and public humanities to explore the world of LGBTQ+ movements of the 1960s to the present. We read science fiction, zines, poetry, and manifestos while exploring photograph albums, ephemera, and other queer archival objects in the University of Delaware’s Special Collections.

The Ephemeral Langston Hughes

This collections-based senior seminar, designed in collaboration with librarians Curtis Small and Theresa Hessey, explores the poetry, fiction, and essays of Langston Hughes and his contemporaries from the 1920s to 1960s, using the University of Delaware’s Langston Hughes Ephemera Collection.

Archives & Paper Collections

This Museum Studies course introduces students to theories and best practices in the curation and management of archives and paper collections. Students learn core archival terms and debates—around appraisal, provenance, and custodianship—while also getting experience arranging and describing manuscript materials.

From Ink to AI

This undergraduate book history seminar, designed with Brit Henry and Demetra McBrayer, explores how technologies of the past, present, and future shape how we read and what we write. In a series of workshops, we experiment with learning to use a quill pen; rolling ink on a letterpress; binding books; marbling paper; making zines; and adapting literature through digital remediation.

Race and Inequality in Delaware

In this public history seminar, co-taught with Dael Norwood, students explore the history of the University of Delaware in the age of enslavement and emancipation. Students conduct archival research, work with descendant groups, and publicly engage university and Newark communities in conversation about the ramifications of past social injustice.